About us

The Real estate agency „Riznica“ was founded in 2004 in Niš. The primary activity of the agency is mediation of selling and leasing the real estate.
Besides that, the agency is registered for additional business activities, such as consulting, management and marketing services.
„Riznica“ is one of the first agencies in Serbia, which has been registered in the Register of Mediators in accordance to the Law of Mediation of selling and leasing the real estate, and it proudly bears the registration number 010.
In the trading of the real estate, the agency has already proven a high professionalism on the market of Niš. Commitment to clients' requests, and striving to do the best for the clients in any given moment, as well as elaborated technical possibilities, have led the satisfied clients to return to „Riznica“with each new need ever since, after having finished the first successful job for them.
The agnecy is striving to have such an approach with its clients that the agents acquire new friends among them, by professionally fulfilling their requirements.
In order to provide the highest level of service to our customers, we are dedicated to:
-regular education and certification for the knowledge that we need in everyday work;
-continuous improvment of our organization and marketing so that we could present the offer and demand of our clients in the best way possible, and provide them with the best outcome;
-signing multiple Codes of Ethics in professional associations and real estate agencies, to which we are committed to the highest level of
professional relations with the clients and colleagues;
-connecting with our colleagues in Serbia and abroad, so we could direct our clients to colleagues, who do their job in the needed area and at the best professional level;
-constant improvment of the quality level of our services, so our clients could gain the best solutions for themselves in the real estate business, which they have entrusted to us.
„Riznica“ is a member of the following professional real estate associations: „Real Estate Cluster of Serbia“, Group of the real estate agents in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Realtors from the USA, which has its branches in 68 countries in the world.
Since „Riznica“ is a part of a network of agencies belonging to these associations, we can offer services to our clients in many other cities in Serbia, as well as in other countries, where the National Association of Realtors exists.
Our aim is to empower our clients to achieve the best sollution for themselves, to become friends of „Riznica“, who would stay with us, and to recommend us to their firends and acquaintances.

BUSINESS ACTIVITY 6831 – real estate agency
SEAT: Niš, Janka Veselinovića 11/1
REGISTRATION DOCUMENT: Up.br. 313-450/04-05; 46-00-11/2015-04
REGISTER OF COMMERCIAL ENTITIES: Reg. list no. 664, binder XVII City of Niš Administration
Web address: www.riznica.rs
E-mail: riznica2004@gmail.com
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